Why you should love Persian food

November 17, 2020

If you are interested in tasty, delicious, and healthy foods, you should try Persian cuisine! Iran (until 1934, Iran was known as Persia) is located at the junction of Africa, Asia, and Europe continents, hence its culinary culture has historically interacted with the cuisines of the neighboring regions including Caucasian cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Levantine cuisine, Greek cuisine, Central Asian and Russian cuisine.

Persian diet is less processed compared to western diets as it has minimal preservatives and artificial flavors. Most of the meals are high in protein and rich in vegetables with a balanced combination of seeds, herbs, mixed petals, vegetables, and saffron which may Improve mood and treat depressive symptoms.

Joujeh kebab is a popular food among Iranian, it is made from chicken meat cooked with saffron and other Persian herbs and spices and is absolutely delicious. Another main dish that can be found at almost any Persian restaurant is Koobideh which is made from ground lamb/beef meat mixed with chopped onion and spices served in skewer form.

There were times when finding authentic Persian food outside of Iran wasn’t easy. However, this has changed in a big way. Persian food is now considered a popular cuisine. London, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, Houston, and especially Los Angeles and its environs are some great places to hunt down amazing Persian food. No matter where you are, at Farsidirectory.com you can find the top Persian restaurants, read other people's reviews, get their contact information, and enjoy the great food they offer along with nostalgic design and music.

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